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About Saptashri Gyanpeeth

We Ensure Better Education For A Better World

Composed by
Mr. R. Bhusal (ex-teacher)

1. Amidst meandering river
With Green hills beyond
Stand graceful and profound
The Saptashri Gyanpeeth
With perfect prominence
The Kingdom of knowledge
Hallowed by the majestic Himalaya. (Chorus)

2. Nurturing the toddlers
With Seven Virtues
Truth, Dignity, Serenity,
Self-control and forgiveness
And purity, simplicity
In these we firmly believe
‘Shradhawan Lavatey Gyanam,’ that’s our motto.

Chorus :
Come sing one and all
No matter where you belong
Long live the light of wisdom
Long live the glory of Kalimpong
Let the Spirit ever remain
The shri of shri
The Saptashri.

3. In blissful solitude
Where peace prevails
Hand in hand
All big and small
Proudly we walk
The path of truth
In class and field both at work and play
For a better world today. (Chorus)

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